EverEdge EasyBed

A simple and effective modular raised bed system

Raised beds are an excellent way to prevent soil compaction, to provide excellent drainage and to help keep pathway weeds from gaining a foothold in growing soil.

They are ideal for growing vegetables, fruit such as strawberries or rhubarb, or herbs. EasyBed can also be used as flower beds and surrounded with paving, gravel or brick paths.

They also allow growers to introduce different soil types to their gardens meaning a whole host of new and exciting fruits and vegetables can be grown.

Each pack of EasyBed contains two lengths of 200mm (height)x 1.6mm x 950mm (length) thick galvanised steel which is powder-coated for long life.

They are simple to assemble and can be used to create a huge variety of shaped raised beds.

They can also be used with a netting frame to help protect your plants (netting not included)

Please note that the parts overlap slightly so that, once connected, each 1 metre long piece forms a 950mm edge to the raised bed. So, for example, a 1m square bed will give you a 95cm square bedding area.

EasyBed can also be used in a straight line and is ideal for creating beds in a greenhouse or for higher flower borders.




EasyBed provides raised beds of various sizes and it is up to you to choose the size of the raised bed.

EasyBed comes in one metre lengths and each pack contains two lengths 200mm (height)x 1.6mm x 950mm (length).

EasyBed is perfect for growing:

– Vegetables
– Herbs
– Herbaceous Perennials
– Alpines
– Small Trees & Shrubs
– Ericaceous Plants

All prices are inclusive of VAT at 23%. These prices do not include delivery charges.

Ref Dimensions (Height x Width x Length) No. of Packs Price Inc. VAT
Ek 1m x 1m (square) 2 packs €92.00
Ek 2m x 1m 3 packs €138.00
Ek 3m x 1m 4 packs €184.00
Ek 4m x 1m 5 packs €230.00
Ek Hexagon or Triangle shape 3 packs €138.00

If you experience any problems when ordering, please phone 0872565680 and we will be happy to help.

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EasyBed comes in one metre lengths and each pack contains two lengths. Please select the number of packs you require.

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